Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bridesmaid dress V1.0 - Butterick

I decided it was worth a try to make the birdesmaid dresses. Hey, if I'm going to sew my wedding dress, how hard can it be to sew a few more? Yes I know, you're all telling me I'm crazy - and I'm ready to accept defeat if the muslins don't work. But I think this is worth I try.

After some discussion, we decided to start with a Butterick pattern that is remarkably similar to a J.Crew dress.

I quickly sewed up a muslin in a size 10 for Emily to try. Note that the fabric I am using for the mock-up is very thin (the real thing will be much better quality) and I adjusted the seam allowances in the bodice so that it will be easy to alter the fit. That's why the mid-section has extra fabric that you can see protruding half way down on the inside of the dress. The final version will be fully lined, so no need to worry about that sort of thing.

Here I am modelling it (thank you Matt for taking the pictures!! Not that he is allowed to read this blog...):

So far I'm hopeful!
First fitting tomorrow.
Stay tuned!


lsaspacey said...

Great pattern choice. That's the Sophia dress isn't it? I've always loved the wedding dress-length version.

Sarah said...

Yep! I ended out deciding not to make the BM dresses because I am too busy. But... I do plan to make this pattern again. It was super quick and fitted well. Thanks!!