Monday, July 6, 2009

Syracuse dress - basted together

My Syracuse dress is now almost sewn together. Most of the seams are finished except I have only basted the bodice to the skirt (which is why it isn't sitting flat). The reason I have left that seam un-done is that I'm thinking about completely re-doing the bodice and wanted some second, third and fourth opinions.

You see, there are two problems, first I didn't leave enough space for a border between the seam allowance and the start of my embroidery, which means the embroidery is right hard up against the edge of the dress. And second, the embroidery is not as symmetrical as it could be. Close up it is pretty obvious. On the one hand, I'm not too keen on re-doing it. That said, enough time has gone into this dress, that the few extra hours to re-do it will be worth it to me if you think it looks funny.
The final remaining option is that I re-do the bodice but completely skip the embroidery. What do you think? PLEASE BE BRUTALLY HONEST!!!