Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vogue V2788 - Version 1.0

With a week of vacation before starting my job, I decided to sew up a musin of the Vogue pattern mainly to convince myself that sewing my own dress was not crazy (as many friends/family had led me to believe).

Here is a photo of me wearing the result. I only made one sleeve because I'm not too keen on the sleeve shape and will re-jig it before attempting the second.


lsaspacey said...

Don't listen to those friends and family. Have you seen the incredible home-sewn dresses out there on the blogs? If you want it you can make it happen. Good luck!

Beth said...

Hi there, I found this wedding dress pattern and just googled it and found your blog. I'm considering making my own dress, so I was pleased to find out that someone else has done this! I like the idea of trying several dress patterns. Good move. Thanks for posting!